Mguney Software is a Shareware software developer for the Macintosh platform; my one-man shareware operation headed by Mehmet Guney (I also use the name Mac++, which you might recognize from the web).These programs are shareware & freeware.Freeware is totally free shareware,however, it is not free.Try it before you buy it.Shareware is software which is freely distributed on disks,online bulletin board services and the like.When you get a copy of a shareware program, you are free to use it,copy it,rip it or give it to your friends,but don't sell it, whatever you do.If you find it useful,please pay for it. If you don't register, nothing will happen to you,but the same isn't true for me. I will become poor and computerless, thus I'll no longer be able to write shareware & freeware programs.Anyway,please feel free to look around and download these super cool programs.If you have a problem downloading on this site check my other download website or any comments/questions please drop me a line anytime or (315)-457-1349 I will upload any of these files for you.No problem go ahead and download right now,before I change my mind.ENJOY!

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